Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn

Recently, Robyn released her new single and video entitled Call Your Girlfriend.

Once again, the Swedish pop star didn’t fail to impress the whole world with her music genius. Her music won’t just make you dance your ass to the dance floor but will also melt your heart. A story about a girl encouraging her man to break up with his current girlfriend, Call Your Girlfriend words perfectly captured the emotions of a woman, wanting not to be the “other girl” but the “only girl” in a man’s life. The words are not bitter but rather sympathetic because the new girl encourages the man to dump his current girl in a gentle way.

The video is purely divine. No gimmicks and no special effects! Robyn only needed a couple of playful lights, a roaming camera, an empty space, some spontaneous dancing and her enthralling character to make a video extraordinarily beautiful. You will be engaged to her personality as she dances her heart out to a club song with very melancholic words.

It’s so nice that Robyn is around the music scene. She is a good model for those aspiring singers and musicians. She is the epitome of a pop star who doesn’t have to rely on scandalous publicity stunts, nasty ploys, and too lustrous facades just to be famous. Robyn just enjoys her music and puts her heart on it. Then, she entrusts everything to her listeners audience if they will respond to her music positively or not.

“Then you tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again/ And it won’t make sense right now but you’re still her friend/ And then you let her down easy.”

I love Robyn.


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