I Want It Rough And Soft

みんなさん、こんにちは〜!!!お元気ですか〜?I hope you are all doing good. I am really sorry for the lack of posts and the absence here in my blog. It’s a little hard to write whenever you are all exhausted after a day of taking care and teaching kids. But enough of the reasons and alibis. I’m here now.

Last week, I was able to meet my girls for some catch up time. It was also the birthday of my friend, Tina, so we decided to celebrate it and gifted her with a MAC lipstick.

hat from Ueno, sunglasses from the department store, denim jeans from some store in Odaiba, drop crotch shorts from a store in Omotesando, Hello Kitty shoes and Gucci bag

This is what I wore during that day. I love the ensemble because it’s easy breezy. It’s fun combining the softness of the colorful scarf and the roughness of the denim jacket.

And I must say, I am really happy with these pictures. My friend, Niki, really knows how to capture me. And she does all of these photos to help me with Jenne Chrisville. I am so thankful to her and all my friends who have supported this blog ever since it was born. Without the help of my beloved friends,  I, together with this blog, wouldn’t have gotten to where I am right now if it weren’t for the help of my beautiful and ever-supporting friends.

Just saying!









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