Playful Orange

Last time, I posted some pics of me in the park with my colorful Zara ensemble and my Pashmina scarf. Now let me share to you some of the shots I had while I was playing with the latter.

I’ve been overusing this orange Pashmina scarf that my Brazilian friend gave to me. I love its solid color and it gives a splash of freshness to my look every time I use it.

I was trying to throw the scarf nearer to the camera, as if it was going to touch the lenses.

It’s so funny how the scar perfectly covered my face.

And now, I joined the bandwagon of jumping shots.

And my friend, Rolane, joined me with my shots. I so love her floral bohemian look during that day.

A jumping shot with her.


I love my orange Pashmina scarf!!!


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