Me and Tina in MItyp Fashion Street Snap

My friend, TakahiroKaniya of MItyp Fashion Street Snap has featured me again in his street style blog. This time, I am sharing the moment with my very beautiful friend, Tina.

On me: H&M shirt, Spiel blazer, Levi’s denim jeans, vintage hat and Gucci messenger bag

This picture was taken during the Runway for Japan charity fashion show in the Bunka Fashion College. I was surprised when Takahiro came to me and called me by my first name. I didn’t see him anywhere in the crowd and I wasn’t expecting anybody I knew in the event. But then, he approached me and asked how I have been since the first time we met during the Nozomi Ishiguro show. It was so sweet and touching of him. Click HERE to go directly to Takahiro’s MItyp blog

Thank you, Takahiro! I’ll see you around.



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