“You Believe In Jesus? Don’t Judge. That’s It”

I saw this in Divine Lee’s blog and I was moved as I was watching it.

According to the Roman Catholic Church, people commit sins in two ways. It’s either by commission or omission. We commit sins because we do them and secondly, we make them by ignoring and not doing what is right.

God has created us equally by making each other different. If people will just be tolerant and more accepting to the gays, then they will realize that homosexual relationships don’t have any difference with them. Families, whether gay or not, are all basically founded in love and isn’t it love is usually equated to God? And we all know, God and love are nothing but pure goodness.

It’s time for us to do our share in making this world a better place for everyone. If we really are starting to be more accepting with the gays’ more “unconventional” lifestyle, it’s time for us to walk our talk. Stand up fight for what is right.

“You believe in Jesus? Don’t judge. That’s it.”


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