From Dull to Colored Hair

Recently, I noticed that the curse of the waves was once again appearing on my hair so I decided to go to the hair salon today for another straightening perm treatment.

After the session was finished, I kinda thought I look weird. I’ve loved my hair ever since I decided to make it straight but now that it’s too long (the longest hair length I ever had), it looks kinda dull. Not to mention, I felt like one of those trashy fags we usually see in the slums who spend all of their time, standing and waiting in dark corners of the streets for men who they can “play” with.

With that in mind, since the summer is getting nearer and summer means longer vacation from work, I thought of coloring my hair. I am a teacher and teachers shouldn’t sport loud hair colors for they are considered “unprofessionally-looking”. Moreover, I am kinda scared of ruining my hair that’s why I never usually color it (I think I just dyed my hair like 3 times in my entire life). But then, since I am kinda bored with the usual straight permed style, I am thinking of changing hair colors when the summer vacation begins. It’s just the perfect time for me so that my students won’t be shocked on how much of a wild person I truly am.

So these are the colors that I am choosing from. Yeah! I did them with Paint coz I am not a software wizard so you can laugh at the pictures all you want. You are given permission by the author of this blog to do so. Hahaha!

I am thinking of going blonde. I’ve never done something really shocking like having a blonde ambition. I think it’s the Madonna fan in me.

What about this kind of brown? This one looks like someone spread poop all over my head.

And finally, I am thinking of going Rihanna.

Coloring my hair with some wild hue is something I’ve always wanted but afraid to do.

What do you think, guys? Madonna’s blonde ambition, Rihanna red or poop-spread brown?


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2 Responses to From Dull to Colored Hair

  1. christina ras says:

    RIHANNA red baby… :))

  2. yaptus says:

    i go for blonde!!! 😀

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