Party Like A Rockstar

These are my photos during the Tokyo Fashionista Spring Break Party 2011 courtesy of my friend, Chris Postnikoff of Pozland Photography.

This was taken in the entrance of XEX Nihombashi where Pozland’s mini studio was set up.

Me with a glass of red. Warming up to party!

And now, I’m all pumped up. Dancing is such a liberating thing to do.

As much as I wanted to be all fresh, I was already messy during the fashion show due to excessive dancing.

And this shot put me into so much shame by being all grubby while standing next to a very beautiful lady. Haha!

Fun times! To see the rest of Chris’s pictures during the event, click HERE to go to his Flickr account.

Thanks Chris! Next time, I hope you won’t capture me in my most embarrassing moments. Hahaha!


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One Response to Party Like A Rockstar

  1. Ria says:

    Hahaha it happens to the best of us sometimes. At least you had a blast.

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