Lost and Gained

Hi everyone! Last Saturday, I went out to Shibuya to meet my friends for some lovely dinner and shopping.

(hat from a thrift store in Ueno, Marc Jacobs sunnies and bag, scarf gifted from a friend, H&M shirt, D&G belt, Levi’s jeans and gladiators from a thrift store in Harajuku)

This is the last personal style shot that I had with my Marc Jacobs sunnies before I dropped it at the night of the same day. I still can’t get over the fact that my beloved glasses, who have been serving me for almost 3 years, have now retired in a very horrible way- by losing him. It’s just so sad to lose someone/something which have been a part of your life and who have been a witness to your life’s greatest, and worst, moments. It’s heartbreaking but like what everyone else tells me, I should move on.

On the other hand, this shot is also my first shot with my new Marc Jacobs floral evening bag who I named Marcia. I think it really blended well with what I was wearing that day- very fresh and light. Just the way how everyone should dress during spring.

It’s really ironic how I gained one Marc Jacobs bag and lost my very precious Marc Jacobs glasses. Good thing, they were still able to make it to one photo together.

Just saying! Sayonara!


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3 Responses to Lost and Gained

  1. joanna rose de vera says:

    Love na love ko yung bag at syempre yung look pero natulala ako sa bag eh :D:D:D:D


  2. Judy says:

    Love this look. Recently my Marc Jacobs watch went missing – I feel your pain!
    Atleast you still have the bag!


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