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More Sunshine

Hello everyone! It was a sunny day and my friends invited me for some stroll in the park. And stroll in the park includes having their pictures taken for their Lookbook accounts. Since I was already there, I jumped in … Continue reading

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Me and Tina in MItyp Fashion Street Snap

My friend, TakahiroKaniya of MItyp Fashion Street Snap has featured me again in his street style blog. This time, I am sharing the moment with my very beautiful friend, Tina. On me: H&M shirt, Spiel blazer, Levi’s denim jeans, vintage hat … Continue reading

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Takeshita Street

Have you ever thought how crowded it can be in a certain place especially when the weather is so right? I saw this photos I took of the Takeshita street in Harajuku approximately 2 weeks after the big earthquake. Look … Continue reading

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Falling in love is a great thing but no one will never ever forget how great the feeling the first time you felt it. A Crazy Little Called Love is a Thai romantic comedy film about P’Nam and her adventures … Continue reading

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Britney Spears in Harper’s Bazaar June 2011 Issue

And Britney Spears made it to the cover of Harper’s Bazaar June 2011 issue. Well I think she deserves it after making some good dance music and a good selling album record this year. In this issue, she talked about her … Continue reading

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First Time Traveler

Yesterday, I went to JTB Travel Agency and brought home some of their pamphlets. One of my biggest dreams is to conquer the world. I’ve always been fascinated with different cultures, beautiful cities, breathtaking skylines and of course, exotic food. … Continue reading

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“You Believe In Jesus? Don’t Judge. That’s It”

I saw this in Divine Lee’s blog and I was moved as I was watching it. According to the Roman Catholic Church, people commit sins in two ways. It’s either by commission or omission. We commit sins because we do … Continue reading

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I saw a friend’s Facebook status and it was poetically written in my native language, Filipino. Ironically, it was so romantic it made me write a very bitter poem. You smiled at her And she, too, smiled She flipped her … Continue reading

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From Dull to Colored Hair

Recently, I noticed that the curse of the waves was once again appearing on my hair so I decided to go to the hair salon today for another straightening perm treatment. After the session was finished, I kinda thought I … Continue reading

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You Gotta Love Tokyo

Recently, I’ve been bumping to very interesting people whenever I walk the streets of Tokyo. Last month, I was able to meet the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland while walking the streets of Shinjuku. He was there to hand … Continue reading

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Misha Janette Wears Kika Style

My friend, Sayoko of Kika Style, shared these pictures of the beautiful Misha Janette, wearing her funky accessories. Misha with the human skull Mickey Mouse pin and some of  other skull rings. I am actually buying the necklace version of … Continue reading

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Something Real

For the past few days, I’ve been wanting to write something really personal but you know how much of a sloth I can be. So today, I decided to fight this battle against laziness and now facing my laptop to … Continue reading

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Run The World (Girls) by Beyonce Knowles

I’ve always knew that Beyonce is such a worker when it comes to dancing. Who could ever forget Single Ladies? And now, she’s totally kicking ass as she comes back with her new single, Run The World (Girls). I admit, … Continue reading

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Freedom to Love

I was browsing the net when I stumbled upon this Youtube video of Pink Dot, a LGBT-supported event in Singapore. God is love and love is pure goodness and kindness. It’s not selfish and it is for everybody- whether you’re straight or … Continue reading

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Fashion Is Not For The Vain Alone

Here are some of the snaps I took before, during and after the Runway for Japan charity fashion show which was organized by Bunka Fashion College for the benefit of the victims of the Great Tohoku Earthquake that occurred last … Continue reading

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