FAKE TOKYO Showroom Side AW 2011 Exhibition Part 1: Christian Dada

I went to Fake Tokyo in Shibuya last April 22 for their Showside Exhibition which was participated by different brands namely Vivacious East, Dissborn, Belle Sauvage and Christian Dada.

First let me tell you about Christian Dada. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it the brand’s runway show but luckily, because of this exhibition, I had a very close look on the pieces for their AW 2011 collection.

I was also fortunate enough because Masanori Morikawa, Christian Dada’s creative director was there to show me around and explain to me the details of each piece in the collection.

Morikawa explained to me that the AW collection was mostly inspired by the samurai of historic Japan. Well, it was really obvious in his pieces, especially in this very gorgeous vest, which is my favorite.

This very beautiful lace dress was given the spunk by its leather shoulder pads to emphasize the samurai inspiration. I love the way Morikawa mixed soft and strong materials together  for the modern Japanese woman.

There were also other artistic pieces in the collection that caught my eyes. These spilled paint cardigan and denim jackets are among my favorites in the collection.

And I just died when I saw this pair of gold studded jeans! Though it’s a bit heavy, you cannot deny the fact that it’s such a head turner once you strut them in the streets. It is actually something that a very eccentric Tokyo fashionista would wear. Truly beautiful!!!!!!!

The materials that Morikawa used for his AW 2011 collection is really mixed with denim, leather, faux fur, lace and others.

Watch the video of Christian Dada’s AW 2011 Collection runway show and be amazed.


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One Response to FAKE TOKYO Showroom Side AW 2011 Exhibition Part 1: Christian Dada

  1. tina ras says:

    Oh my!!! I`m so0o crazy about that gold studded jeans… Aaahhh…GGaaWwdd!! :))

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