A Surreal Experience

I gave the link of the In Process by Hall Ohara video to a friend and look at what she made for me.

The In Process show was the 2nd runway show I’ve attended in my whole life next to Nozomi Ishiguro but it was a surreal moment when they gave me one of the best seats in the first row. The feeling was unexplainable, sitting on those chairs with a very good view of the collection. It was as if I had a very close and intimate interaction with the clothes as the models walked them on the runway. For an amateur blogger like me, it was a very splendid experience to be given such privilege. I’ve just started this whole fash blogging thing a year ago and I think I do not deserve any of this. I don’t even believe that I am very knowledgeable about fashion. But still, with that being said, I am so grateful for every great opportunity to have a closer look to this glamorous world. I still have to learn a lot of things and I enjoy learning while having fun staring and drooling over these beautiful clothes.

Kudos to my Tall Dark Roast Team and to the In Process team for the great experience!


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