Nozomi Ishiguro AW 2011 Collection Haute Couture Show

I was invited to the Nozomi Ishiguro Haute Couture Show last Friday. Thanks to my Tall Dark Roast family!

This is actually my first runway show experience and I think I made it to a very spectacular show. Nozomi Ishiguro’s AW 2011 collection has a touch of the 70’s with their bright bohemian colors and prints. When I saw the whole show, I thought I was surrounded with Vikings and Mongolians because of the fur details in their pieces, giving it a very strong impression.

The bohemian designs of the Ishiguro winter collection is so adorable. I love this pair of pants with very colorful and loud designs that I thought it was calling my name as the model passed my seat during the show. LOL!

This one is for the ladies. Though it’s quite blurred, one can clearly see the design of this beautiful dress.

This suit is something that the modern fashionable Japanese guy will wear. I love it.

This hat is also amazing with the colorful details. It makes me feel like I wanna go to Wonderland to challenge the Mad Hatter. LOL!

This look is one of my most favorite from the show. I love the patch details of the blazer and the material used for the inner sweatshirt. The necklace is also fabulous.

And for the ladies! I love this sweater and baggy pants terno.

And I want this fur jacket with blue details at the back.

Watch the whole show here.

Congratulations to  Ishiguro-san for the very wonderful show!

And for buyers, please visit Nozomi Ishiguro’s site HERE.

PS: Please stay tuned to Tall Dark Roast for more photos that I took during the Nozomi Ishiguro show.


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