Hanami(Flower Viewing) in Ueno Park

I went to Ueno Park last week for some hanami (flower viewing) together with my friends. It was a really crowded sunny day since it was the peak time for the cherry blossoms to bloom.

It’s kinda weird why some people love putting cats on high places. And in all fairness, it’s such a hit to spectators as well.

The hanami is an annual thing for the Japanese people. It’s such a nice thing that they were still able to do this though the whole nation is in grief because of the Great Sendai Earthquake.

One thing I love hanami is the food stalls in the streets. They are all so yummy! It’s also the perfect time for the Japanese to have a break from their anxieties and stresses in life. That’s why most of them end up getting drunk and wasted after going to the park.

I also took a couple of shots of random things in the park.

Fun times!


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One Response to Hanami(Flower Viewing) in Ueno Park

  1. Ela says:

    Great photos! The cherry blossoms are really beautiful.

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