Androgynous and Easy

(vintage hat and leggings, dream catcher necklace for the department store, Marc Jacobs sunnies, Alexander Wang shirt, Kids for Bayo jacket, and ABC Mart boots)

It was a cold spring day when my friend, Rolane, asked me if I could help her with a project she’s doing. She’s trying to make a music video of this song that she composed that’s related to the earthquake that just happened almost 3 weeks ago. As a form of giving back for the help I’ve done, she took some pretty good shots for me.

I think I really love this ensemble that I wore for this one. Very androgynous and very easy! Hey! Don’t get me wrong. I still have an extra jacket with me during that day. This weather is really crazy that the temperature is acting up like a see saw.

PS: Credits to Rolane for the pictures.



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2 Responses to Androgynous and Easy

  1. cecylia says:

    cute hat!! Love your feathered necklace too!

    Come and see my blog 🙂

  2. Carey says:

    I loove your outfit!!

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