Stress Free Ginza

I went to Ginza for another stress free lunch with my girl friends, Carey and Tina. Credits go to Carey for my vanity pictures and the scene pictures are from my primitive Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS2.

(shirt and bow tie by H&M, cardigan by Lanvin en Bleu, jeans by Levi’s, shoes by Timberland, bag by Prada)

It was a warm sunny day so I decided to wear a cardigan, accentuated by a classic bow tie. I think I wasn’t dressed appropriately for Ginza but I bought that cardigan last January and I haven’t even used it. My girlfriends and I went to this weird looking Chinese restaurant but has the most amazing food. After that, we decided to take a look at the stores and around Ginza. There were a lot of people walking around the area and, mind you, shopping as if nothing happened last March 11. There was even a cat who got the attention of pedestrians and took photos of it because he was randomly sitting on one of the street posts. Everything was running normal except for the train delays and some closed shops. It was such a nice view that people in Tokyo are proving to the world that it’s still alive and not deserted at all. There maybe a number of people who have fled to safer grounds but there are still people who believe that Japan’s capital is still safe. So people out there, go out of your houses and amuse yourselves. Live everyday of your life as if it is your last day. Be alert but don’t panic.

Just saying!



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