Fear, Faith, Colors, Grays and Cups of Coffee

I went to Omotesando (again) to breathe some fresh (radiation-free) air and have a short escape from everything that’s happening in Japan. I met up friend, Sayoko of Kika Style, to have a cup of coffee (in her case, apple cinnamon tea) and slices of cakes at Lotus Cafe. It was a charity drink because the profits shall go to the victims of the Great Sendai Earthquake which occurred a week ago. This shot was taken from her IPhone.

Then, I decided to take random shots around one of my favorite places in Tokyo with my primitive Lumix digital camera.

It has been a week since that dreaded earthquake in Tohoku happened but it seems like longer than that. A lot of things had happened within that week and it feels like it’s gonna take forever before all of these come to an end. All things in Japan and about Japan have turned to gray, lifeless and gloomy after that disaster. The Japanese and the people living here are trying to be ok but you can feel there’s this planted seed of fear within them that continuously grow whenever they hear exaggerated news from malicious media or when an aftershock just occurred.

In my point of view, the worst thing that this tragedy gave to the people of Japan is FEAR. When fear is in our hearts, it eats our soul, then, it cripples our being. It stops us from living our normal lives back and that makes things worse for all of us. Yet, when there is fear, the solution is another F, which is FAITH. With the 50 brave workers who risk their lives in the Fukushima nuclear plant, all the help that Japan is receiving from different countries and organizations, the discipline, unity and camaraderie of the Japanese, all those people praying and wishing for the betterment of things, how can we not have faith that everything’s gonna be alright?

To the people of Japan (especially Tokyo) , go out from your houses and try to live normal lives as if nothing happened. There might be a number of strong aftershocks or lack of supplies due to panic buying. The train schedules may be a mess and blackouts may be everywhere but don’t let these things get into you. Instead of “house-arresting” yourselves because of fear, go on with your lives but now, with an extra dose of caution and alertness. Be alert but don’t panic. Instead of posting unnerved statuses in your social networking accounts, try to spread some words of hope. We might be going through bad times but believe, and have faith, that all everything shall end in time.

I believe that Japan shall rise above these dark times. When that happens, the lurking grayness right now shall vanish and a shower of colors will fill this country. Besides, it’s spring and I wish that the bright colors of the blooming flowers and the beautiful cherry blossom trees will plant a seed of faith and hope to everyone.

Just saying! Sayonara!


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2 Responses to Fear, Faith, Colors, Grays and Cups of Coffee

  1. Maricris Jayoma says:

    Those pictures are sooo nice. :]


    Amen to that…:)

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