Jenne Chrisville x Tall Dark Toast

Hi guys! I know that we are in the midst of a very serious catastrophe right now because of the Great Sendai Earthquake. Yet, I know there is still space for some beautiful news for everyone of us.

I am so happy to tell you guys that I am now an official member of the Tall Dark Roast team.

Spearheaded by creator and editor Adrian Harris, Tall Dark Roast is a Vancouver-based blog/online magazine that gives everybody the latest and hottest trends in fashion. It features not only the most established brand names in the industry but also young designers and labels from all over the world. Tall Dark Roast also features the best reads in the bookstore, stylish bloggers, art and photography, travel journals and interviews.

The Tall Dark Roast team is composed of 4 writers including Adrian Harris from Vancouver, Canada, Samar Sadullah and Chris Gill from London, UK, and Sladana Amidsic from Vienna, Austria. And now, the team includes me and I’ll be their Tokyo correspondent. So it’s kinda expected that my articles/entries for Tall Dark Roast are about Japanese fashion, labels and brands and the latest happenings in Tokyo. Whew! A big cross for me but I am taking the challenge. LOL!

Me in the ABOUT page of Tall Dark Roast

Anyways, I’m really looking forward with this collaborative effort with the online magazine. I wanna say this special shout out to our editor, Adrian, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with Tall Dark Roast. I hope you will stay tuned for my entries in the online magazine. Visit Tall Dark Roast and enjoy what we have to offer you. See you there!



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4 Responses to Jenne Chrisville x Tall Dark Toast

  1. citybuoy says:

    congratulations! i’m so happy for u! 🙂

  2. You’re a star Gervin. Welcome aboard 😉

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