Kazaky: Androgyny to the Highest Level

I have a new obsession with this new group called Kazaky.

Kazaky is a new Ukranian group who’s gradually conquering the world and slowly grabbing international attention due to their thumping music and their powerful choreography. And yeah! They are one hell of androgynous boys. They dance in heels.

This is their first video, In The Middle.

And their second one, Love. What can you say? Lady Gaga’s explicit lyrics + Beyonce inspired video = One Hot Performance from Kazaky.

Attention, Beyonce Knowles! These boys are gonna kick your ass and erase you from the face of the earth. Single ladies is no soooooooo no match with this. LOL!

Now I wonder if Kazaky will allow me to join there group. Guys, if you are reading this, please look at my dancing through the video below and see if I can be your fifth member.

Maybe I need to have a Russian name first then some pairs of high heels. I shall go to Christian Louboutin later.

KIDDING!!! xoxo


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One Response to Kazaky: Androgyny to the Highest Level

  1. zayde Loreto says:

    Androgynous can be sexy, but an oriental androgynous are really disgusting!
    Accept it, oriental men are the ugliest buy gay, are the worst

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