Kika Style x Chocolatier x Miyaco in Omotesando Hills

Yesterday, I went to Gallery Kowa in Omotesando Hills for the KIKA Style x Chocolatier x Miyaco event.

Kika Style is one of the best accessories shop here in Tokyo. Their designs are off beat, funky and really original.

They also design shirts and bags. I really love this shirt they designed. My friend, Kika Styler owner Sayoko Hokazono, told me that a Japanese music group came to their event the other day and bought five pieces of this beautiful shirt for each of them. That made this piece that last one in stock. Sayoko didn’t reveal to me the Japanese group though.

Miyaco is a shop that focuses on lace products. That’s a good thing because lace is totally in this spring and summer season. I super love this piece from them. Just put on a white shirt and this lace bib-like piece and rock it on.

This piece reminds me of the Philippines’ barong Tagalog. I super love it.

And these are the beautiful hats from Chocolatier par Multiple Marmelade.

Me together with Masayo Mizuhara, designer of Multiple Marmelade and  Sayoko Hokazono, one of the designers and owners of Kika Style.

Me with Sayoko’s son, Yu Hokazono. He is one of the three designers for Kika Style together with his mom. He is also a DJ for Retro Metro here in Tokyo which is famous for organizing a lot of music events here. A total hottie, if I may say. LOL! I like the shirt he’s wearing. He actually designed it himself. Cool! And me? I look like a dork with those glasses. LOL!

For those interested, the event is up until tomorrow from 12noon to 7pm in Gallery Kowa in Omotesando Hills. If you wanna learn more about Kika, Miyaco and Chocolatier par Multiple Marmelade, please visit their websites (Kika Style, Multiple Marmelade and Miyaco)

And yeah! I purchased a shirt from Kika Style. It’s really cool. I shall wear it in the summer for all of you to see. Haha!


PS: A big shout out to my friend, Rexcy for the pics. Thanks, friend!


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