Hat Wars

You guys decide who pulled the Mich Dulce hat better.

Is it me…

…or her???

LOL! Kidding. I am not gonna challenge the fierceness of this lady for I am no match to her. Her name is Misha Janette, one of the most famous stylist and fashion editors here in Tokyo. She’s a fashion journalist for the Japan Times, Metropolis Magazine, Top Magazine, JCReport.com and others. And me? I’m just a mere gaijin (foreigner), trying to survive the harshness of Tokyo. LOL!

It’s a little funny how a simple person like me can have a similarity with other famous fashion icons…like a photo with a Mich Dulce hat on. I wish that one day, I could get to meet Misha and learn a lot from her fashion wisdom.


Source: http://bitchdulce.blogspot.com for Misha’s pic.


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