Workin’ It At Odaiba

Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun!

This week, like what I told you from my previous post, I went to Odaiba to watch the concert of Charice together with my friend Rolane and her very cool mom. We got to Odaiba a little too early so we decided to take a look around the area and took some pictures. All of the photos that you will see were taken by Rolane.

I was wearing my Iida boots that day but Rolane couldn’t stand the height of her Esperanza heels so she asked me to wear her shoes first so she could rest. And me? I couldn’t stop posing everywhere with it.

Oversized shirt by EDWIN, scarf by Forever 21, vintage hat and leggings, poncho vest Azul by Moussy and shoes by Esperanza (courtesy of Rolane)

Work it, b*tch! Never mind those eyes looking at you.

Me playing with my Azul by Moussy poncho-like vest. I bought this in Tsukuba City in Ibaraki prefecture when I went there to visit a friend. Watch Zorro turn into a fabulous gay boy.

I also bought 2 denim jackets from Love Junkie- one for Rolane and one for me. The jacket was my late birthday gift to her.

We also passed by this Sanrio place. It was funny because I was in contrast with the place’s ambiance. It was all colorful and cute and I was monochromatically fashionable. LOL!

Taking a ride on Kitty’s unicorn.

Fun times!


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2 Responses to Workin’ It At Odaiba

  1. Ela says:

    You lookin’ gooooooood!

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