Love Me or Hate Me! Either Way, I’ll Still Be Me

A few weeks ago (can’t exactly remember when) my friends Niki and Ena (who are sisters, BTW) invited me to go with them to Omotesando. God knows how much I love that place that’s why I just couldn’t say no to their invitation. Knowing these two friends of mine, there would be nonstop picture takings wherever we may be. Good thing, I was ready. LOL!

If vanity is a crime, you can call me a criminal now. Maybe the most wanted for the crime of so much narcism.

Vintage hat, Lanvin x H&M shirt, Spiel suits, Levi’s skinny pants, D&G belt, Iida shoes

Forgive me for this pigeon-toed pose. I just felt that I had to do this as a tribute to Japanese women. LOL!

I suck with paparazzi shots. Definitely not my kind of tea.

Enough of the portraits. Let’s have some landscape orientation now.

You know me guys. I like putting up a show so I got on this steel bars in street and started flaunting myself as Ena took my photos.

Love me or hate me! Either way, I’ll still be me.


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4 Responses to Love Me or Hate Me! Either Way, I’ll Still Be Me

  1. Ela says:

    Fine, fresh, fierce, YOU got it on lock 😉

  2. jed says:

    Nag-palpitate ako sa ganda ng mga buildings and residences sa Omotesando. And yes, you surely fit-in in Omotesando. At talagang may patayo-tayo pa sa rail benches. Ikaw na!

    • I know right? I love the buildings in Omotosando. And I believe you architect eyes feasted there. And of course the pop culture of Harajuku is soooo overflowing. At ako na talaga Jed!!! Why not??? LOL!!!

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