Baby, It’s Cold Outside

At the night of Valentines Day, snow fell so hard here in Tokyo. And next thing in the morning, this is what I saw the moment I stepped out of our apartment.

Everything was white and immaculate. Snow barely fall in Tokyo so it was such a beautiful sight to see the city covered with snow. But hey! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the snow because once it melts, the wind becomes colder. Plus, the roads become icy, making it dangerous to walk. Also, heavy snow in a mega city gives a lot of disruptions especially to public transportation. Actually, I arrived at work late because the trains stop operating due to the heavy snow fall.

When I made it to work, I played snow with my students. It was such fun watching them enjoy something as pure as their hearts.

Though season was already over, all this snow made me sing Christmas songs inside my head (Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…). Silly, isn’t it!

And as for me…

Brrrrrrr!!! Baby, it’s cold outside!!!


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2 Responses to Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Honey says:

    Hello it’s me again! just want to say hello 🙂 It’s kinda crazy cos we are trying to avoid the snow in Germany and now there’s snow in Japan (and in Tokyo! how crazy is that?!) Anyway, we’re very busy at the moment (the whole family is here) and we are starting to pack our things (yeah back in the land of sausages). I really hope we could see each other again.

    Take care and I love your blog!


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