Lady Gaga Graces March Issue of Vogue

Look who’s having a good 2011 here. With an anticipated single and album coming, there is no other way for Lady Gaga to celebrate her “Born This Way” year than to grace the cover of US Vogue.

Since November of last year, rumors have it that Anna Wintour picked the almighty Gaga to be in the cover of the fashion bible. Last night, a leaked photo of the cover and the inside of the next Vogue issue has circulated around the Twittervers, giving the impression to people that therumors are true.

If there is one thing that I really love about these pictures, it exhibits the simple and tamer side of Gaga. Not minding the pink bob and the purple lipstick, Lady Gaga finally reveals her feminine side through plunging necklines and full length slits. It is definitely a fresh break from all of her outrageous antics in both music and fashion world.

So are you gonna buy that Gaga for Vogue issue? But before you answer that, it’s time for some Gaga X Vogue Hommes Nippon and Gaga X American Vogue face off.



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