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Tokyo Fashionista Kick Off Party 2011

Last night, I went to Astrance in Roppongi to attend the Tokyo Fashionista Kick Off Party 2011. Astrance was so packed with gorgeous people from the fashion and entertainment industry. This was my first time to attend a Tokyo Fashionista … Continue reading

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Vanity Lounge Tokyo + FAB Academy Tokyo

I was invited by my fabulous dance teacher/friend from FAB Academy Tokyo, Kike Yamakawa to go to Vanity Lounge Tokyo last month. from from from You will be amazed with the place because it’s located in a … Continue reading

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Workin’ It At Odaiba

Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun! This week, like what I told you from my previous post, I went to Odaiba to watch the concert of Charice together with my friend Rolane and her very cool mom. We … Continue reading

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Charice in Zepp Tokyo for Japan Tour 2011

Hi everyone! I went to Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba last February 23, 2011 (Wednesday) to watch the Tokyo leg of Charice’s Japan Tour 2011. I’d been waiting for this concert since November of last year and I was able to … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga for Android Regza Phone

I was watching TV last night when I heard Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way on TV. They were using it for an AU by KDDI (a Japanese mobile phone company) commercial for their newest Android Regza phone. It’s … Continue reading

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Love Me or Hate Me! Either Way, I’ll Still Be Me

A few weeks ago (can’t exactly remember when) my friends Niki and Ena (who are sisters, BTW) invited me to go with them to Omotesando. God knows how much I love that place that’s why I just couldn’t say no … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

At the night of Valentines Day, snow fell so hard here in Tokyo. And next thing in the morning, this is what I saw the moment I stepped out of our apartment. Everything was white and immaculate. Snow barely fall … Continue reading

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My Valentines Day Chocolates

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. How are you celebrating? Well, there’s nothing really special happening for my Valentine’s day but I’m not really sad at all. Seriously, I don’t think I really need someone to have … Continue reading

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Fur Overload

I never thought that I would have the courage to wear fur this much. My friend, Micko, came here to Japan to visit her family and of course, she wanted to see me. Her family lives in the country side … Continue reading

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Pink or Yellow? Mich Dulce or Don Quixote?

Minnie Mouse will surely be put in shame when she sees these pictures. Now, the $ 78,749, 534 question is: Pink or yellow? Mich Dulce or Don Quixote (a famous discount shop that can be found anywhere here in Tokyo)? … Continue reading

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All Set For Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

The most anticipated single and album of the year! 2 days to go and Lady Gaga is all set to release Born This Way this Friday. Just a few minutes ago, the cover of the said single was released. A … Continue reading

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Lea T, Kate Moss and Justin Bieber for LOVE Magazine

Since it’s the month of love, here’s a little treat for all the lesbos out there…and my straight fellas who love watching girls make out. Behold is the cover of LOVE magazine for their androgyny issue. Transgender model and current … Continue reading

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Mich Dulce AW 2011 Hat Collection

I went to Kika Style in Aoyama yesterday for Mich Dulce’s exhibition. Just to feed everyone with some info, Mich Dulce is a young Filipino fashion designer who’s internationally acclaimed in the world of fashion especially with her delightfully eccentric … Continue reading

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Pacquiao’s Los Angeles Mansion Featured in MTV Cribs

Being the gay boy that I am, I am not really into boxing. I don’t like watching people hitting each other while blood freely gush on their swollen faces. It’s not a very nice thing to see. Yet, Manny Pacquiao … Continue reading

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Chanel Condoms Say “Keep It Classy”

A long time ago, a great woman named Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things- classy and fabulous.” Well, I think she’s also implying it to men. Apparently, Chanel’s minimalistic elegance is evident even in their rubbers. … Continue reading

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