Gucci, James Franco and Armpits

Ok! I’ll tell you a secret. I have a fetish with armpits. I love them like crazy. Hairless or not, they totally are a turn on for me (though the nasty and smelly ones don’t count). Please don’t ask me why coz I really don’t know.

So, I was surfing around the net when I came across to this one.

3 things I like about this pic.

1. It features the totally brilliant actor and hottie, James Franco.

2. It features Gucci though it’s not an official ad of the well known Italian fashion brand.

3. Lastly, that James Franco armpit is calling me like crazy. It’s like ice cream topped by that sexy tongue as cherry.

Enough said!


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2 Responses to Gucci, James Franco and Armpits

  1. citybuoy says:

    what’s he doing to his armpit? is he shaving?

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