Darren Criss and Chris Colfer (aka Blaine and Kurt of Glee) Grace This Week’s EW Cover

Look who’s in the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Yep guys! It’s a not a straight couple but the most famous gay love team of the award-winning show Glee- Darren Criss aka Blaine and this year’s Golden Globe best supporting actor, Chris Colfer aka Kurt. I am such a KLAINE (Kurt and Blaine’s names combined) fan. I can’t resist to feel good and giddy whenever I see them together in one scene, may it be singing or throwing some really cheesy lines. I think it’s because they are young and they show the other side of homosexuality- that it can be lovely, pure and immaculate without showing some flesh and skin.

This is Blaine and Kurt’s first appearance together in Glee. If you watch it carefully, you’ll just feel good about them and realize that they have good chemistry. Haaaaaaay! Darren Criss can sing to me all day long without me getting tired of him.

And of course, the most downloaded song in the Glee Christmas album, the very teasing Baby It’s Cold Outside. One thing that I also love about these two is that they are so theatrical with their moves.

With the numbers of homosexual teenage suicides sky-rocketing like hell, it’s good that these gay characters from different shows on TV arises to empower the minds and hearts of the young generation. These characters will make these young gays feel a sense of belongingness in the society, giving them hope and strength to fight any bullies and prejudices that they will encounter along the way. This is also good not only for gay youngsters but also for straight people because it can make them open their minds about this truth- that they co-exist with people who love their own genders and they actually do the same things and feel the same emotions that heterosexuals do.

Long live Blaine and Kurt! Long live the gays!


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