Donna Karan 2011 Pre Fall Collection

Lo and behold, I present to you my 11 favorite looks from the Donna Karan 2011 Pre fall collection!

This pre fall collection is colored with palette full of  army greens and browns. In connection, the drapes and the layers of the looks is really edgy and sharp, which gives a more street style effect.

Apparently, furs will never be out of style for a very long time for the comfort and glamour they give. We can also see that Donna Karan also had a lot of loose dresses which she accessorized with belts with a good deal of straps. Warm arm length gloves are evident too.

My favorite pieces from this collection are:

1. Donna Karan’s massive necklace in the last photo and that black whatever-you-call-that thing hanging on her left shoulder.  It’s so fly!

2. That draped cardigan in the 6th image.

3. And all those fur! LOL!

Donna Karan in street style is luuuuurrrrve!!!!!


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One Response to Donna Karan 2011 Pre Fall Collection

  1. Tats Eduvane says:

    Very nice style, colors are laid-back and it looks so comfy 🙂

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