Lady Gagita and Haronce: Epitomes of Filipino Creativity and Resourcefulness

If there is something that the world should know about Filipinos, it should be the fact that their creative juices are overflowing. Amidst the scarcity of materials and resources due to the poverty of the country, Filipinos always can find a way to show how mind-blowing their ideas can be.

And the people who showed me that fact are none other than Youtube sensations Vinzon Poon and Harold Esquibel Palermo, more populary known to the FIlipino people (or the whole world) as Lady Gagita and Haronce Knowles, respectively.

Both born in Davao City, Vinzon and Harold, together with other bunch of friends who call themselves as the Haus of Gagita, decided to make parodies of Lady Gaga’s videos just for fun. Although there was a shortage of authentic materials, that didn’t stop the Haus of Gagita to fully imitate the videos of the Mother Monster. All they needed was their creativity and their resourcefulness. An old wedding dress, garbage plastic bags, cellophane wrappers, papier mache, and an electric fan cover to serve as a stirring wheel for the Pussy Wagon plus, a small hut at their backyard and a digital camera, they were able to portray Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Telephone (their most prominent video that gave them viral popularity) blow by blow.

Lady Gagita edits the video for himself in a nearby internet cafe shop. After uploading the very funny parody video, it gave him more than a million hits in Youtube. Mind you, the million hits didn’t come from the Philippines alone. They were even recognized by people all over the world, admiring them for their funny antics and their inventiveness. After being so famous in Youtube, they started to appear in different TV shows (mostly GMA Channel 7 shows) and events (Mr. Gay World Philippines 2010, World Trade Expo Mega Job Fair 2010 etc) in the Philippines.

Ok! Enough of the blah blah blah. Here is the video that made them one of the hottest Youtube stars of 2010.

That is total madness! Improvisation at its best. I just can’t believe how they did everything. We all know that the quality of the camera and all that are very amateur. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that these teenagers (Lady Gagita’s 16 while Haronce’s 18) are geniuses. That’s pure talent!

Take a look at their version of Alejandro.

And of course! Let’s not forget our all time Gaga song, Bad Romance.

Now that Born This Way is on its way to town, I wonder how Lady Gagita and his Hause of Gagita will execute their own version of it. Hmmmm! Exciting. As of now, let me give you a piece of Lady Gagita’s own meat dress.

credits to Lady Gagita's Facebook Fan Page. Impressive, ei!

If you can’t get enough of them, visit their Youtube channel HERE. Lady Gagita and Haronce has their own websites too. Just click on their names to visit them.

Very proud of you Gagita and Haronce, because you’re Filipino gays with so much talent!



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