Mother Monster Gaga and Britney B*tch are BACK!

2011 appears to be the year of big comebacks for female pop royalties, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears . This year, the two ladies, who are hailed as today’s faces of pop, will be giving the world the music that all of their fans (including me) have been waiting for.


During the MTV Video Music Awards last September 2010, Lady Gaga gave a piece of her new meat (not referring to her vegetarian-offending dress) by singing a part of her upcoming single, Born This Way, after accepting the Video of the Year Award.

Last 1/1/11, Lady Gaga really knew how to start her year by telling the world about the release dates of her upcoming album, Born This Way through Twitter. Mother Monster will launch the title track and the album on February 11, 2011 and May 23, 2011 respectively. She even posted a sizzling hot picture to serve as a teaser for all of her fans.

I personally like the lyrics of the song. It is very empowering specially to those people who are experiencing personal dilemmas within them. Lady Gaga surely knows how to please her fans, specifically the gays and the pushovers. I’m sure the whole gay kingdom can’t wait to get their hands on “the greatest album of the decade” (according to Lady Gaga herself).


Meanwhile, Britney Spears made some big noise yesterday after Perez Hilton posted the pop princess’s demo tape of her upcoming single, Hold It Against Me. Click HERE to listen to the track.

The voice was obviously not Britney’s but the voice of one of the song writers, Bonnie McKee. So meaning, Britney hasn’t recorded her own version yet. On the other hand, she had this tweet after the demo tape leaked in the internet.

Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that’s good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday. -Brit

The said tweet was also posted together with the cover art posted above. She definitely is looking beautiful and hot. The song is a mixture of pop and techno which really makes it very danceable. “Hold It Against Me” will surely hit the clubs once as it’s released. It also has the Britney Spears mark on it due to its provocative sexual lyrics- something that Britney already mastered in her more-than-a-decade stay in the music business.

It doesn’t really matter whoever will have the bigger sales. After all, Brit and Gaga had already marked their names on the history of pop music. The most important thing is they are coming back this year to make their fans happy. 2011 is surely promising not only for Britney and Lady Gaga but for all the female pop starts of the NOW generation. We should sit still because Ke$ha and Katy Perry might also have something big in store for us.

For the meantime, hail Lady Gaga and Princess Britney!!!


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3 Responses to Mother Monster Gaga and Britney B*tch are BACK!

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  2. citybuoy says:

    not so hot on britney but i can’t wait for gaga. born this way kinda sounds cheesy to me but i love that she’s going for songs in the direction of “speechless” which i love!

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