LADY GAGA: Desire, Death & Rebirth by Adam Razak

As I’ve told you before, I love art and anything pop. Good thing, these two can be joined so that I, together with other art and pop suckers, can enjoy the beauty of pop art. And there is no other icon in the NOW generation who can describe pop in the largest sense except for Lady Gaga aka The Mother Monster.

Let’s admit it: billions of album sales, outlandish costumes and wardrobes, lyrics that sticks into someone’s mind once they hear her song, and her devoted political involvement to repel “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”- Gaga indeed is the face of pop culture.

With her creativity that is undeniable to the world, Lady Gaga has inspired a lot of people specially her little “monsters” (aka her fans). One of them is Adam Razak.

I saw a tweet from Perez Hilton about this art film that he saw which was made by Adam. I clicked on the attached link and this is what I saw.

I should say, Adam made a good job in turning Gaga into an animated character. I was really amazed with all his portrait of the super pop icon, from her Poker Face days until her unicorn image for her upcoming album Born This Way. Her portraits, images and illustrations were really loyal to The Haus of Gaga image. The boldness, creativity and decadence were all present in the video, which are the important ingredients in anything that incorporates Lady Gaga. Also, all the sex, hunger for fame, and her battles in the sociopolitical field are apparently in this one heck of a creative art film. This is total Gaga-ness! Moreover, I like the choice of song, Teeth. It adds more darkness and tension to the images that the viewers see in the video.

Adam was very successful in combining all these different medias to create this power bomb vid. He used animation, sketches, paintings, film and film with some references from Japanese anime. He also used different materials in his paintings- watercolor, paint and coffee being the most evident.

“Adam Razak is a versatile multi-media artist whose work has been featured in Vogue, Interior Design and Daily Candy among other outlets. In his paintings and drawings, Adam experiments with innovative  methods and materials from coffee to Vaseline, to create distinctive and unexpected pieces. He also integrates many of these non-traditional visual elements  into highly imaginative digital videos. A gifted designer, Adam incorporates his hand-drawn artwork into stylish custom-made fashion accessories, including monogrammed t-shirts and acclaimed mason bags. A native of Flint, Michigan, Adam studied art history, contemporary art techniques and classical art at the University of Michigan, as well as in Europe and Japan.  He has shown throughout New York City, including a 2007 solo exhibition, The Work. A passionate athlete, Adam is a longtime practitioner of mixed martial arts and conducts personal training in his home city of New York.”

– from Adam’s Website

If you want to learn more about Adam Razak and have a look of his beautiful works, click HERE to go to his site.

Good job, Adam! I hope to see more from you.


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One Response to LADY GAGA: Desire, Death & Rebirth by Adam Razak

  1. Katie says:

    As my best friend in college, I can say that Adam is an extremely gifted man with unbelievable talent and the sweetest heart. I am so proud of him for all his outstanding work. Miss you my friend!

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