Be Thankful That It Happened

It was funny how two lonely souls met in the middle of the dance floor while celebrating the coming of the New Year.
Their eyes meet. They danced together and went home together.
They became one.
But it didn’t end there. They talked  about endless stuff.
George Michael
Working out
Christopher Marlowe
Paulo Coelho
The Australian gay community
The Asian gay community
Being fit and aging with grace
Your handsomeness
My “prettiness”

You were my dream come true.
The man who could protect me.
The man who could stand up for me.
The man who could save me.
The man who could fight for me.

If you asked me to marry you, I would. But then, we were perfect strangers for each other. We might talked as if we’ve known each other for a long time but reality bites. We just met during the new year’s eve, in a place where everyone seems to be in a hunt of a prey that they can devour all night and leave the next day.

But I’ve learned a lot from you and those lessons will never ever leave me even if you are now back to the place where you are supposed to be. We are now in two different sides of the world. It makes me feel sad to think that I’ve found the man of my dreams but we can’t be together because of the mere fact that we don’t live in the same place. I can’t blame you. I can’t blame ourselves.

But like what we said, we should be thankful that it happened.
That those 3 nights and 2 days happened.
I shall keep all those memories with me.
I will forever put them in my mind and heart.

Thank you for welcoming 2011 with me!
Thank you sweeping me off my feet in the dance floor!
Thank you for taking me to your place!
Thank you for making love with me all through those nights!
Thank you for telling me that I’m beautiful!
Thank you for telling me that you could have pursued me if only I lived with you together with the koalas and the kangaroos!
Thank you for the animal hood you gave me!
Thank you for the teaching me how to age with grace and sophistication!
Thank you for making me feel safe in your embrace!
Thank you for being such a gentleman!
Thank you for coming into my life!

We shall be together again! Maybe in that time, we have found the loves of our lives or maybe not. Only God knows what shall happen. Yet, for sure, we will see each other again. So until that day comes, I’ll feel your embrace with this animal hood you gave me.

I’ll miss you, Tim!


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3 Responses to Be Thankful That It Happened

  1. Kimmi says:

    I felt the 2 days 3 nights love just by reading this. 🙂 Now, get your ass out of here and find someone who’ll beat the 2 days 3 nights love with you. I wanna read a blog of yours that has forever in it cos that’s what you deserve.

  2. Kent Claud says:

    Nice cous… i Love it!

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