A Blast from the Past (The Beautiful Swan Recalls her Ugly Duckling Days)

During New Year, we just love things that give us a blast. Fireworks, hardcore partying, liquor and the list goes on and on and on. My friend, Vanessa, just know when to have a blast because she really gave me a super one that came from the Pandora’s box of our high school memories.

My friend just posted our funny pictures from high school and it included some of my cheap studio photos from the past. When I was in high school, studio photos were a fad and we were obliged to give a copy to our friends to serve as their memoir from us. And these are the memoirs that I gave Vanessa. I was all skinny and looked so icky. My hair was so curly I just can’t take a long look at them. And look at that baby mustache on the second picture. It’s so hideous! Urgh!!!

Don’t forget the funny poses too- leaning on the chair sidewards while your arms support you and the classic put-your-hand-at-your-nape pose. This makes me feel like going back in time, wanting to correct all the fashion taboos I’ve done. LOL! But then again, we all learn from our mishaps. The ugly duckling had to wait for a long time before turning into a very beautiful and dazzling swan.

pumps by Forever 21. They're not mine though 🙂

sweater by H&M, v-neck long sleeves from Uniqlo, blet by D&G, shorts by Forever 21, sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, boots by Iida, vintage fedora, half gloves and leggings

I may hate my high school look but I will never ever hate the memories of it. It was fun, liberating and carefree. Those were the days when we didn’t care about anything around the world except for our feelings. The leadership days, the victory in school competitions, the everlasting friendships that were built, the bullies around that tried to mock me, the teachers who believed in my potentials- those were the glory days of my teenage years. I maybe a little bit different before in terms of appearance and fashion sense but I came from that and I am never ashamed. Those days were one of the best in my life. Moreover, I wouldn’t be here wherever I am right now if not for that experience

Just saying!


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3 Responses to A Blast from the Past (The Beautiful Swan Recalls her Ugly Duckling Days)

  1. xtinaras says:

    Transformation COMPLETE!!! ❤

  2. grace dynne says:

    i so love forever 21!!!!

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