Welcome 2011!

Hi guys! It’s been 2 days since 2011 came. How did you celebrate it?

First, I ate some osechi (おせち) or traditional Japanese new year food with my family. In eating osechi, one is obliged to eat a piece of everything in the jubako/obento boxes. As for me, I’m not Japanese so I’m totally excused from eating those pieces that I find uninviting. LOL!

Afterwards, I was off to Shinjuku Ni-chome to find some countdown party.  I wanted to go to Roppongi but the entrance fee was a little pricey for me so I decided to stay. The New Year’s Eve in the gayest place in Tokyo, was so colorful last night, packed with people from all over the world.

Dragon Men’s Bar

The most popular and my favorite too, Arty Farty. The bar was so crowded, it was impossible for anybody to move from one place to another.

It was my first time to spend new year’s eve in a countdown party. The countdown video that I took gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

It was a blast and I had so much fun!

sweater by H&M, t-shirt by Comme de Garcons PLAY, vintage hat

I hope my hommies in Manila had fun too (and still have their fingers with them).

Like what my CdG PLAY shirt symbolizes, I’m wishing everyone tones of love, happiness and blessings for 2011.



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One Response to Welcome 2011!

  1. mikilovefashion says:

    ooooh look like u really had some fun!! u should take us there onetime ok! ?

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