A Year of Challenges: My 2010 in Review

In a matter of hours, the whole world shall be waving goodbye to 2010 and will be waving hello to 2011.  Some of us will party like a rock star. Some will be out in the streets while playing with firecrackers. Some will get drunk and kiss the person next to them (regardless of their gender). Some will be with their families, eating dinner while watching the Year-end countdown on TV. Some will celebrate it alone, some with a lover, some with strangers and some with familiar faces, and some won’t be celebrating it at all. Whatever the case is, we cannot deny the fact that an old year will pass and a new one will come for us.

2010 was a year of big challenges for me. There were a lot of storms that I had to overcome, mountains to climb, walls to break down and the likes. It wasn’t an easy year for I went through a lot of troubles, fights and heart breaks. I felt pain, anger, hate, sadness and sorrow but amidst all the negativity, I stood tall. I fought for myself and never let this challenges break me down to pieces. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my friends and the people who believe in my strength. And I am very thankful to them.

My 2010 Highlights

5. Jenne Chrisville

It was this year that this site was born and I can say, it helped me to feel better especially in times when all I wanted was to shout at the top of my lungs. Jenne Chrisville was my own refuge against the storms that I faced. It made me happy and it will forever make me happy. All my life, I’ve been everywhere and I left my blogs everywhere in the cyber world. But, let me say this; that Jenne Chrisville stands out among all of them. I’ve put so much effort and love as I write and publish every entry in it. This is my story. This is my life. And I am very happy to share my not-so-special-life to the citizens of the world.

4. Meeting New Friends

In a place where you are a mere foreigner, it’s really hard to make friends. It’s even harder to know who you can really trust. So it’s really rare when you meet people and you feel like you’ve known them all your life. You share the same talents, interests and hobbies. I met Tina, Niki and Ena this November and the first time I met them was like magic. There was a sudden bond between the 5 of us, including Rolane who I’ve known since my high school days. We all share the same interests in fashion, photography and the arts. That’s why I am looking forward to our future meetings and endeavors. We have planned a few projects and I wish that everything will work for all of us. I know it’s gonna be hard at the start but with our combined efforts, I know we would be successful. Cheers to you sisters!

3. Learning to be Happy in Solace

I went through a lot of misunderstandings with my friends this year. Because of that, I learned to distance myself in some way. I used to say that I couldn’t be happy whenever I am alone, that I was a social being and I needed my friends to make myself happy. But with everything that happened with my relationships to other people, especially with some friends, I learned to search for the path of happiness by myself. I window shopped alone, drank coffee alone, strolled at the park alone and went to the bars alone. I thought I was gonna be sad but then, I felt a different kind of happiness. I am not saying that I’m way happier now without my friends but there is a difference between the happiness on being on your own and being with my peers. I thought I would always need others to be happy but I realized that there will be times that I have to stand on my own. There will be times that I need to find happiness not to other people but within me. Good thing I was able to patch things up with them before 2010 ended. I am happy that it happened for I learned so much with the experience.

2. Summer of 2010

It was the worst summer ever. I dated someone and thought he was the one. Then I found out that he was dating someone else. Worse, he was dating a friend of mine. I thought everything was perfect but then, everything happened with a bang. A friend told me that I was hurt not because he was gone, but my pride got hurt. Then I realized he was right. I learned a lot about men and relationships this year. I don’t wanna elaborate more but I’m glad it happened. It broke my heart but strengthened my soul. I lost a lover but I gained much more friends. That’s not a bad ratio, isn’t it?

1. Upgrade at Work

My boss doesn’t pick on me that much anymore. I gained her respect and trust after 2 years of service. She gave me the chance to teach the Dance at school. At first it was hard but then, a co-teacher taught me how to do it and I learned a new thing. I really thank her for that. This year was a god year at work. Lesser stress and more trust on me! At last, I was able to prove my worth at school in some way. I know this is the start but I hope this won’t be the last too. Yet, I still wanna spread my wings and go to another place. I really feel stagnant now at work. I feel like I’m not growing and learning anymore as an educator. I wanna spread my wings and my mind work more. I have to stretch it some more to prove myself not only to others, but also to me.

2010 may not be the year for me but I’m very hopeful with 2011. I can see a brighter year. I can see that there are better things in store for me this time. I don’t exactly know what they are but I’m positive about it. And as I end this post, I wanna say thank you to the following:

My best friend, Zowie for always being there amidst the distance

My Teatro Tomasino co-officers before: Cindy, Apprelle, Joy, Balls and Raymond for being the truest friends in the world

My high school friends: IC, Neknek and others for the 10 years of friendship with you.

My gay mafia friends here in Japan: BJ, Vincent, Mel, Kuya Jo, Michael, Ryan and others for all the support especially those times when I was crazy about him. You were my walls to lean on. Thank you!

My Natives friends, Niki, Dharini, Satoko, Catherine and Ulrike.

My new friends, Kristine, Kirby and Tome in Gyosei; Christina, Niki and Ena

My ever loving baby sister, Rolane.

My ever loving Dioquino, Macion and Takegahara family who I’ve always love from the start .

And to all those people who spend some of their precious time to visit my blog and read about my not-so-interesting life…thank you!



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2 Responses to A Year of Challenges: My 2010 in Review

  1. mikilovefashion says:

    i want to thank you too sis!!!!! i love you sis!!! im really excited about our plans!! see you!

  2. xtinaras says:

    mata yoroshiku onegaishimasu… We`ll have a blast this 2011.. I can feel that. and bcoz of you. I`m inspired to do blogs too.. hehehe…. Aahh kaexcite na ng mga gagawin natin.. See you again sistah. Happy New Year! Enjoy and Smile ❤ 🙂

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