Judging Vogues by Their Covers

I was walking around in Maruzen, a very famous bookstore here in Japan, together with some friends when I saw these.

The picture above shows two varieties of the famous fashion magazine Vogue- American Vogue January 2011 edition (left) and French Vogue November 2010 edition (right)- sitting next to each other. The cover girls are Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, wearing this simple pink dress for Vogue USA and super model Natasha Poly, being a sexier version of Tiger Lily for Vogue Paris.

I admit that I am really new to all these fashion stuff and I wasn’t a fan of this world until I stepped into Japan and gained friends who are knowledgeable about it. I didn’t even grab the chance of owning these fashion mags and flipping through the pages when I was still a young gay boy in Manila. So I don’t really have a basis of a which magazine is better or worse.

Yet, if I base it to the covers of the magazines, I would definitely choose French Vogue over American Vogue. I don’t mind if the latter prefers celebrities to grace their covers. After all, the print media has also its business side which means that they also have to think of ways to sell their books and magazines. I don’t really care if American Vogue puts all these famous actresses in their covers as long as they don’t forget artistry and creativity. As an avid fan of the arts, I would rather choose Roitfield’s artistic take on love and peace than Wintour’s temptation to have a closer look of Natalie Portman’s Black Swan experience. After all, a fashion magazine should talk about fashion. I’ll buy it because I want to know more about clothes, the latest and future trends and the what-to-knows of the fashion world. If I want to read about latest Hollywood gossips or behind-the-scenes of a current hit film, I would buy either People or OK Magazine. Don’t you think so?

It’s just too sad that Carine Roitfield  is not the one sitting in the driver’s seat of Vogue Paris anymore. I wonder what will happen to magazine when the next appointed EIC comes in. I hope that he/she will carry on the legacy of artistry that Roitfield.

We shouldn’t really judge books (or magazines) by their covers but let’s face it: they are the first thing that a consumer sees. And not all consumers are dumb. Most of them buy Vogue because they wanna know more about fashion, not about Hollywood gossips. So why make an actress’s experience about her hit movie the cover story of a fashion magazine?

Just saying, Anna Wintour! Just saying. (winks!)


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