I’m Broke but I’m Happy

Hi everyone! How are your winter holidays?

shirt and pants by H&M, coat by J-sail, shoes by Zara, sunglasses by Marc Jacobs, vintage fedora hat

Mine is great and I am really surprised that it is. I’ve been spending it with the greatest people on earth which are my family and friends here in Japan. Just like yesterday! I went out for a karaoke party with some friends and went to Costco and Mitsui Outlet Park afterwards. It was so fun I already forgot to take pics from my own camera.

The only problem with holidays is that money just flies so fast with the wind. Now I’m broke again and it’s 3 weeks before the next payday. I don’t want to maximize my credit card though coz it’ll surely put me to eternal damnation. Gosh! I should really have my own version of the Confessions of a Shoppaholic/Party-Goer/Overspender. LOL! Well, like what Alanis Morisette said, I’m broke but I’m happy.

I wish I can make it through New Year’s Eve! Good luck to me.


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