Saying Goodbye to Dharini

I met my friend Dharini from Sri Lanka through my work in the kindergarten. I worked with her for almost two years then she left the school and I was left there until this day.

I received a message in Facebook, telling me and our other friends, Niki and Satoko, that Dharini is leaving for Melbourne together with her family. Due to that, she wanted to meet us and have a farewell lunch get-together. Satoko reserved a table for the four of us in Amalfi Moderna which is located in Central Tokyo.

Being with these ladies is always something that I really look forward too. Being all foreigners here in Tokyo (except for Satoko san but lived in Brussels for some time), we all understand each others’ feelings towards our great love-hate relationship with Japan. They are also included in the list of people who believe in my talent and my capacity to achieve whatever I wanna be in life. It’s just too sad because 2 in our group, Catherine and Ulrike, had also said farewell to us earlier this year and went back to their homelands, Philippines and Germany. And that day, another one, who is Dharini, will be leaving us early next year.

We call ourselves The Natives, derived from the big issue of native English speakers vs. second language English speakers here in Japan. I can’t recall exactly why we chose this name for our group but I know that we all have the same feelings about our work then that made us one and united.

Though it was a farewell party, it seems like we decided not to make the ambiance really sad for the four of us. We acted as if Dharini’s not leaving at all because we didn’t want to give her tears and melancholic feelings as we part ways. We still did the usual things whenever we meet, talking and laughing about anything under the sun. If there is something that I really love about being with these beautiful-hearted ladies, it’s the fact that they are all a little life enhanced compared to me. With that, I learn a lot from them and their experience in life. Also, we have nonstop laughter and heartfelt conversations whenever we gather together.

Take a look of how our conversations flow. Please excuse my English! I know I am talkative and confident enough in speaking it but sometimes, I still have pauses, redundancy and wrong word usages that sometimes, I don’t make any sense anymore. Very embarrassing for an English teacher!

Before leaving the restaurant, we also gave Dharini a thank you/farewell card. The funny thing is we wrote our messages in the card while she was there with us. I was the one who thought about it, just breaking the tradition of giving surprises. Hahaha!

She also received a gift from Satoko. It’s a chopstick bag with all of the Natives’ initials embroidered on it.

Niki, Dharini, Satoko, Gervin, Catherine and Ulrike

Since we had all the time in the world, I decided to take them to one of the places I love in Tokyo, the Babasaki Avenue in Marunouchi. I asked them if they could go with me to buy something from Commes de Garcons. After going there, we went to grab some Starbucks and sit outside the street. Like the good old days, we couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos. I shall make a different entry with all the

This is me, trying to imitate this Emporio Armani model with a John Galliano bag.

Posing in the streets.

We even made a well wish video for our friend, Catherine who’s pregnant with her first baby and is due on May next year. We miss her.

Saying goodbye is really hard but it would be harder if the last moments you shared were with tears. It was a nice sunny day for all of us and I think it’s a good sign that going to Melbourne will be a good thing for Dharini and her family. I know that someday, we shall meet again and remember about the good times we shared here in Japan.

We’re gonna miss you, Dharini! Good luck. XOXO


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