Lunch in Amalfi Moderna

Since our friend, Dharini, is living for Australia, Nicola, Satoko and I decided to have a small lunch date with her in Amalfi Moderna. This entry will be solely for the restaurant and not our farewell lunch with my friends. I shall make a separate entry about that.

Amalfi Moderna is located in the Marunouchi Oazo building which is in the Marunouchi Area of Chiyoda City in Tokyo. Located in the financial center of the metropolis, the restaurant is truly accessible to people who want to dine out for various reasons, may it be for a business or pleasure.

I love Amalfi’s modern ambiance. It’s elegant for any occasions whether you’re there to eat out with friends, have a business meeting or a date with a lover. The soft lighting of the place also gives a relaxed feeling which is needed by the customers, specifically those who are stressed office employees in the said area.

And now, let’s go to the food. We had a lunch course meal which costed us ¥2,700 (US$27)each excluding the drinks. For the appetizer, we had pumpkin soup with salad at the side.

Italians taught us how to appreciate carbs so we had bread too.

Pasta was also served. Penne pasta in cream sauce with cashew nuts and veggies in the left and Arrabiata

And for our dose of meat and protein, we had fish and lemon chicken in cream sauce .

And for dessert, we had little servings of ice cream, yogurt and cake with whip cream.

Since it’s a farewell party, we had some drinks for ourselves. I had a glass of red.

My verdict: The price of the course meal is a little expensive because it didn’t include the drinks. I think it would be really affordable if they included at least one glass. Nevertheless, it’s reasonably costly, thinking of the ambiance and location of the restaurant. Plus, the food was really good and the servings were enough to make your tummy full. All in all, it’s a great experience going to Amalfi Moderna.

If you guys are interested in going to Amalfi Moderna, here are the details.

Tokyo-to, Chiyoda-ku,  Marunouchi 1-6-4
5F Oazo Shop and Restaurant

Bon appetit, you guys!


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