My Best Christmas in Black and White

Yesterday, which was Christmas, my mom and I decided to watch the illumination display together with my sister in Tokyo Midtown, which is located in Roppongi. Surprisingly, my brothers asked us if they could come along with us and if it was cool to tag one of their friends too. Sometimes, my mom and I go somewhere together whenever boredom strikes us. My brothers have also their same way of getting busy. But this time, they wanted to go with us which doesn’t happen often. Since it was Christmas and it’s the time for the family, we tagged them along together with another friend. And then, mom invited a family friend which made the group even bigger.

It wasn’t surprising to see that there were a lot of people in Roppongi yesterday. Families, friends, lovers, tourists- There was a vast variety of spectators for the Tokyo Midtown Illumination display. It was the last day for the illumination so it wasn’t a wonder why there was a big crowd, pushing so hard just to have a good view of the lights. Also, it was a Saturday and the weather was perfect. Who in the world wouldn’t want to go out and play if there is a very special occasion and there are clear skies? Lastly, Japanese people, specially lovers, see Christmas as Valentine’s day- a perfect day spend it with their other halves.

We also decided to walk around the Midtown center.

We were also lucky to pass by Hermes’ J’Adore Mon Carre (I Love My Scarf) event which showcased their 2010 Fall and Winter collection of scarves. It was so crowded I couldn’t go inside. I’m thinking of going back tonight though.

We also got to pass by some amazing art exhibitions there. I love this one which was entitled “あになるの木/A ni Naru no Ki/Under ‘A’ Tree”. Those Japanese characters that you see is read as “A”.

Look at these little creatures that happened to walk under the A tree. Can you guess what’s different here?

I hate big crowds and I can’t stand a place with so little space for me. I am not claustrophobic though but don’t you think small spaces and crowded places suck all the energy in you. But yesterday, I was really happy and contented being with my mom and my siblings. Amidst all the pushing that we got from other spectators of the illumination, it was indeed a happy day for us. Even my sister can attest to that.

I super love this shot of ours! I want my mom to put this in our New Year post cards which they will hand out to a lot of people. The giving of New Year post cards is a tradition here in Japan.

If you’ll ask me about the happiest Christmas, I think this 2010 would be the one. I know I wasn’t able to spend it with people in the Philippines and I am spending it now in a place which doesn’t know the essence of the season. Then again, I was able to spend it with people who really matter to me- my family. And family is one of the most importance things that we have to consider during this holy occasion.

I know you guys are wanting to see the beautiful lights display in colors. What’s the use of the black and white effect for the lights? Yeah I know so I took a video of the illumination. be amazed and observe how thick the crowd was.

How was your Christmas guys?


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