Merry Christmas from Gervin :)


A few days ago, I wasn’t feeling the holiday season at all. For the past two years, I would always go back to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year with all my love ones there. This year’s different. I’m gonna spend it with people who only celebrate just to join a big global bandwagon. It’s kinda sad but that’s reality and reality is something that we have that slaps us in the face.

After I wrote about not feeling Christmasy at all, two great blessings poured on me. First, a friend whom I had a cold war with and I have already patched things up a day after. Second, a tweet from Bryan boy that opened the doors of the world for my blog. Indeed, Christmas is a holy season that includes love, forgiveness, sharing and hope.

I am very happy that at least in the eleventh hour, God made me feel the wonderful vibes of Christmas.  Thank you so much! I am very happy that even if I’m not celebrating the occasion with the people I used to celebrate it with, God made sure that I wouldn’t feel blue even at the last minute. God is truly great and He really do know what He’s doing.

And for you, my family and friends, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! May you feel the love and serenity that this special occasion brings. Thank you for all the love and support you gave me! Though some of you are oceans away from me, you never fail to express how special I am to you. You know who you guys are.

I love you!


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