Vera Wang’s Pre Fall Collection 2011

I stumbled upon Vera Wang’s Pre Fall Collection for 2011.

Vera Wang’s signature dark palette is there- the blacks, grays and dark shades but this time, she totally aimed for a more teenage school girl look. The long above-the-knee length leggings, the cardigans brooch badges on the chest of the pieces. I love the boyfriend coat from picture 1 and the black-and-gray cardigan of picture 4.

The leathers and all the dark colors give the collection a very edgy and spunky look. To soften the rock star vibes that they give, Wang put some very soft-looking furs- from the shoulders and the peplum skirt. For me, softening the looks with fur didn’t work however, they totally look younger and glamorous.

The frills also give a younger but busier look to the the pieces. In addition, it also added some texture especially to those silk pieces.  If you don’t feel some frills in your outfit, they are actually removable. I love the silver brooches on picture 2 and the total look of picture 4.

All in all, I love the collection. I love dark colors and very spunky looks. The smooth feeling that furs give and the contrast between the smooth silks and rough frills are beyond adorable.


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