Blame Marc Jacobs for the Sunnies

Last Christmas, I went home to the Philippines for some vacation. This year, I’m not so being the melodramatic person that I am, I went back to memory lane of last year’s vacay through my Facebook photos. As I was looking at my pics, I suddenly got on hold with this picture.

I was seating outside our house, chatting with our neighbors when this fish ball cart passed. I asked my aunt to take some pictures of me while I’m poking some of those deliciously unhealthy food and she was lucky enough to capture the cute faces of these little girls.

Sometimes, I get all these unneeded attention from others and I don’t know why. I was just buying some fish balls and I don’t know why it made some people look at me.

Maybe I have to blame Marc Jacobs for the very beautiful sunnies. LOL!


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3 Responses to Blame Marc Jacobs for the Sunnies

  1. belle says:

    i agree to that 😉

  2. itsmeness says:

    ang arte mo daw kasi! hehehe.. 🙂

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