Guess Who Tweeted Who?!?!

WTF! Look who just tweeted me hours ago.

Holy mother of all bloggers! Yes, peeps. It’s none other than the legendary Bryan Boy of himself. I was so happy to see this reply tweet from one of the bloggers I truly admire and read religiously.

If you’re a Twitter addict and follow Bryan’s very active account, you’re aware that he lost his baggage the other day when he arrived in Stockholm, Sweden. He said that he left it in a locker in the train station and when he got back at night, the locker was all empty. Good thing, he got his luggage filled with fashion thingamabobs back. He said that he put it in a locker and mistakenly paid a different one. Good heavens, someone alerted the locker staff and kept it safe for him. Lucky Bryan, he was able to claim back his Chanel 2.55, Dior Moon Boots, Michael Angelo, Pucci bag, Finsk shoes and others. Maybe you should change your name from Bryan Boy to Lucky Boy…or maybe just add Lucky in it.

I asked him if he was staying in Stockholm with his BF for Christmas and voila! I received a tweet from one of the most iconic people of blogging history.

I guess Twitter really is a great way to get in touch with the people who you think are galacticaly miles away from you- may it be in distance (eg. Stockholm and Tokyo) or status in life (cg. super blogger/celebrity and teacher/fan). I know it was a just a mere reply tweet of a celebrity to a fan but for me, it made me feel like I had a connection with Bryan. It made me feel closer to him by thinking of the fact that he spent 5 seconds of his time to type that tweet. Or maybe I am just being such a melodramatic die-hard fan.

Nevertheless, thanks, St. Bryan! An ugly hag in the train and my half-Japanese, half-asshole brother almost ruined my day today and your tweet saved it from destruction. Enjoy the holidays!


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