Zac Posen Pre Fall 2011 Top Picks

The fashion world is starting to make some noise for some pre fall 2011 collection releases. Last Tuesday, I found out that Zac Posen has already given the world a preview for his 2011 Pre fall pieces. These two are my top choices and I want them in my cabinet.

Everything about this fur cardigan is really powerful. The edgy and sharp shape of the piece and the choice of material, fur, gives this strong sense of personality to whoever wears it. It is also a good piece for people who are kind of confused if they wanna color block for the cold season or stay safe with the dark shades of black. I love this one so much.

This lion inspired fur jacket is made for the kill. If someone is feeling some Africa in the middle of the chillness of autumn, here’s the perfect warm jacket for you. This is such an attention grabber. I don’t know if how many kinds of animal fur did they need to make this jacket but one thing is for sure- it’s beautiful!

I am not that really knowledgeable when it comes to fashion and luxury brand and I haven’t even heard of Zac Posen’s name until last Monday. Yet, his pre fall 2011 collection has made him remarkable for me.

I may not have the money but everyone can dream. I would be very happy if one of these two would belong to me. I can only wish. LOL!


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