Look at that Line of Cool Cars (A Walk in Marunouchi)

The Marunouchi area is located in the heart of the metropolis of Tokyo. Serving as Tokyo’s central business district, it is the home of the biggest banks in Japan (Mizuho Financial, Mitsubishi UFJ and the UFJ Holdings). Also, a lot of different sky scraping buildings that houses different businesses and offices are located.

I love this place during winter. Those bright lights give this feeling of relaxation in the mind.

Pardon me for the poor pictures! I tried so hard to make them prettier by editing but it didn’t do any good. My digicam is soooooo 2008 and my hands are really shaky so what would anyone expect?

Moving back to Marunouchi, it also houses a lot of famous and progressing fashion brands. Here are my two best shots.

And that night I took a walk here in the Babasaki Avenue, I saw this line of very cool cars- cool and expensive cars! I’ve never experienced something like that in my whole humble life. After seeing all of these wheels, I felt so intimidated with the place.

I think I would take another walk again in this place to take better pictures. I am not so satisfied with what I got this Saturday.


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