Cheap Boots

I am in a terrible need for shoes- good and beautiful shoes, I mean. I looked at our shoe closet, checked my line of shoes and realized I don’t have a good collection of them. How shameful! The only presentable and really pretty pair I have is my metallic blue Lanvin x H&M shoes that I bought from the collection. Other than that, my shoes are all garbage.

I found this shoe store in Tosca located in Nishiarai Station called Iida. I saw that the shoes are cheap yet trendy so I tried to look for a pair. My old boots are already rugged and look really old that I have to replace them.

Look at what I bought for  ¥4,095 ($40).

This is approximately 3 inches below the knee, which I think is too high for men (actually, it’s from the women’s section). I love the simplicity of it, making it look androgynous whenever I wear it. Plus, I like the fact that it’s semi-pointed. Pointed shoes give more attitude to the bearer.

The height of the heels is higher compared to my last pair of boots. I think it’s 1 and a half to 2 inches high.

I am not expecting that this pair will last longer if I base it on the price but the good side is my old pair can now have a rest after 2 years of usage. At least now, I can make use of a cheap but good looking pair of shoes. About the quality? Let’s see if it will last longer. I’m not hoping but I wish it will. Happy with this though.

Yet, let me just say that my doors are still open for some good-looking designer shoes. LOL!


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