Emma Watson, A Budding Fashion Icon

Do you remember that annoying know-it-all girl in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a very messy hair? She’s none other than Hermione played by Emma Watson. This is a picture of her during the first installments of the world wide hit saga, Harry Potter.

We have seen the growth of Emma’s character in the series. From her frizzy hair days, we’ve witnessed that she still fashioned the same do until the last installment but now, only tamer just to justify that she’s also conscious about herself as a teenager. And as her character develops into this fine lady, Emma herself has also changed from a very cute girl to a very classy and fashionable woman.

This is her during the UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. She’s wearing a black see-through lace and feathered dress by Rafael Lopez for Atelier Mayer. She also paired it some Charlotte Olympia shoes. Amazing!

And this is what she wore in the New York premiere. Calvin Klein all the way!

Truly, these pictures prove that she’s a budding fashion icon for everyone. Just look on how chic and elegant she is. I just love her. Despite the rumors that she’s a diva in the making, she looks like this nice and very smart girl who can answer every question in an interview the right way.

She also was one of the many faces for Burberry Spring Summer of 2010 together with her hot brother, Alex. It seems like their parents have some good genes in them.

Currently, she’s finishing college in Brown University. This is a sign that the girl makes the right choices. Good luck, Emma!


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