A Galliano Bag for Quarter of the Original Price??? NO WAY!!!

With all the shopping and hair treatment that I’ve done last November, my next salary shall be eaten mostly by my credit card bill. Moreover, I still have other bills to care about so I decided to do something really hideous and heart breaking- selling one of my beloved bags.

Vintage fedora hat and leggings , Knitted shoulder scarf from Topshop, Cashmere sweatshirt from Forever 21, boots from ABC Mart and bag by John Galliano

I’ve only used this 2010 John Galliano men’s bag of mine for a couple of times. I could use all my fingers from my hands and feet to count the number of times I took it out from its protective bag. With its good condition and short usage, I believe I could sell it in a very good price.

I went to the buy and sell shop and ask them how much they could buy it from me. After checking my Galliano for 5 minutes, they told me that they would buy it for a quarter of my bag’s original price. I got shocked when I heard this. My precious Galliano, which I took care and love for almost a year, can’t be sold in that very cheap price. I know it’s last season but the condition is really good. There are only like 3 unseen scratches under it and it’s not that really bad. I never let other people bump to it specially in crowded areas like train stations. With this in mind, I decided to scrap the idea of selling it and just love it for the rest of my life.

I’ve busted my ass hard enough to fully pay my precious Galliano. I took care of it and treated it like my own sweet child. I just can’t digest the fact that it can be that cheap to the eyes of others when I’ve always seen it so valuable. Now, I would just hold on until my brokenness will go away. After all, there is nothing temporary in this world, not even short term poverty. LOL!


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