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A Year of Challenges: My 2010 in Review

In a matter of hours, the whole world shall be waving goodbye to 2010 and will be waving hello to 2011.  Some of us will party like a rock star. Some will be out in the streets while playing with … Continue reading

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Judging Vogues by Their Covers

I was walking around in Maruzen, a very famous bookstore here in Japan, together with some friends when I saw these. The picture above shows two varieties of the famous fashion magazine Vogue- American Vogue January 2011 edition (left) and French Vogue … Continue reading

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I’m Broke but I’m Happy

Hi everyone! How are your winter holidays? Mine is great and I am really surprised that it is. I’ve been spending it with the greatest people on earth which are my family and friends here in Japan. Just like yesterday! … Continue reading

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Niki and Me, Vogue-ing

This is my friend, Nicola. I, together with her other close friends, call her Niki for short. She’s from bloody England, for goodness’ sake!!!! She was a former super model/performer who used to travel all around the world for fashion … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to Dharini

I met my friend Dharini from Sri Lanka through my work in the kindergarten. I worked with her for almost two years then she left the school and I was left there until this day. I received a message in … Continue reading

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Lunch in Amalfi Moderna

Since our friend, Dharini, is living for Australia, Nicola, Satoko and I decided to have a small lunch date with her in Amalfi Moderna. This entry will be solely for the restaurant and not our farewell lunch with my friends. … Continue reading

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Enter the Magical World of Purikura (プリクラ) Booths

There are a lot of things that I hate about the Japanese pop culture because it’s too vibrant and too cute. Sometimes, too much cuteness is annoying that’s why I hate those Japanese ladies who make their voices small to … Continue reading

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My Best Christmas in Black and White

Yesterday, which was Christmas, my mom and I decided to watch the illumination display together with my sister in Tokyo Midtown, which is located in Roppongi. Surprisingly, my brothers asked us if they could come along with us and if … Continue reading

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Chef Gervin Cooks Pork Mechado (Tomato Sauce Based Pork Stew) for Lunch and Christmas Eve Dinner

Hey loves! Are you enjoying your Christmas holidays? It was Christmas eve yesterday and I was all alone at home. My stepdad and my mom were at work and my siblings were at school. Yeah! I told you that Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Gervin :)

  A few days ago, I wasn’t feeling the holiday season at all. For the past two years, I would always go back to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year with all my love ones there. This year’s … Continue reading

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Is This the Start of World Domination??? LOL!

I got a comment from Honey whom I met from my Lanvin x H&M experience. “wow you’re famous! Bryanboy saw your blog and that’s how I found you. Remember me? It’s me Honey from Germany  I searched you in Facebook … Continue reading

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Blame Marc Jacobs for the Sunnies

Last Christmas, I went home to the Philippines for some vacation. This year, I’m not so being the melodramatic person that I am, I went back to memory lane of last year’s vacay through my Facebook photos. As I was … Continue reading

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Vera Wang’s Pre Fall Collection 2011

I stumbled upon Vera Wang’s Pre Fall Collection for 2011. Vera Wang’s signature dark palette is there- the blacks, grays and dark shades but this time, she totally aimed for a more teenage school girl look. The long above-the-knee length … Continue reading

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A Very FUR-fect Day!!!

Last Saturday, for the first time in my 24 years of existence in this crazy and cruel world, I wore a fur jacket. It maybe faux fur but I was really excited and ecstatic while wearing it. My friend/baby sister, … Continue reading

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Guess Who Tweeted Who?!?!

WTF! Look who just tweeted me hours ago. Holy mother of all bloggers! Yes, peeps. It’s none other than the legendary Bryan Boy of himself. I was so happy to see this reply tweet from one of the bloggers … Continue reading

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